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Ultimeight 28 is the most compact solution we have ever designed. It can be configured with sporty designs and specialized equipment for speed enthusiasts due to his hull capabilities, but it can also be equipped and configured as a day cruising boat. The size of the Ultimeight 28 makes it ideal for daily and short trips and its hull has proven to be able to handle rough conditions with ease. Small yet comfortable, highly maneuverable with all the detailing in finishing, the Ultimeight 28 has over the years earned a place of respect among high-end rib boats.


If you’ve ever had the chance to fly a Seafighter T30 you’ll understand why we call it a multipurpose side. The size remains manageable but is sufficient to cope with rough sea conditions and offer all the benefits of a larger boat. Socializing areas are available in the bow and stern, while there is the possibility of an electric toilet, an electric refrigerator and many more applications. The pair of engines in the setup of this boat results in a seaworthy boat, Ideal for personal or professional use, without destination limitation.


After the positive impact of One

Starting from the launch day of Shadow 36, its success was immediate. Based on the tested and successful One Cabin, the hull of
this open deck boat grands to its passengers comfortable and safe accommodation through its cruising while the captain will have a great experience handling Shadow 36 on the sea. His deep V design on hull cuts through waves efficiently and combined with the step technology, gives exceptional stability while the fuel efficiency even with maximum loads it’s a blast.

There is nothing you seek that He cannot give you. With an emphasis on recreation, we have taken the deck configuration options to the max. It has the possibility for two perimeter resting areas, both in the stern and in the bow, but also the alternative option for an auxiliary cabin in these areas, accommodating 4 person at total. Removable tables, electric fridge, espresso machine, fully configured closed WC are just a sample of options you can have in this boat.

Speed is not out of the question! Given the sport roots of the hull and with proper configuration Shadow 36 can handle over 800HP with excellent behavior.


We know and we have proven that Shadow 36 is more than enough. But journeys can be longer, the space could be bigger, moving around the deck can be even easier and cruising can be more fulfilling. These are the needs we tried to address with Shadow 39.

Based on the operating principles of the 36, but wider and longer, the Shadow 39 has significant advantages on deck and hull. With the option of adding two more bucket seats amidships and an option for socializing spaces in the bow and stern, Shadow 39 can accommodate any group of people in great comfort. At the same time step hull technology will give you excellent numbers in fuel consumption and speed and the confidence of a boat cruising over the waves.

With all this, Shadow 39, fills worthingly the market gap in 12 meters for Seafighter.
Nevertheless, If you’re thinking of building a high-speed, performance-oriented Shadow 39, this is where the fun begins…


One Cabin was our inspiration for entering the shipbuilding field. It was designed to offer its creator the perfect deck for family holidays and sea traveling.

Plenty of storage space, luxurious cabin with autonomous resting areas, easy movement through the boat and many more applications made this idea possible. Until this day One Cabin keeps each owner satisfied.


Our company’s best-seller model for the past decade is upgraded to match the high end demands of the market. Y36 is the absolute cabin boat in its category.

With one fully closed cabin at the bow and the option for a second auxiliary cabin in the stern the Y36 can accommodate 4 people with ease. Top class materials are selected to shape the interior and exterior spaces of the boat and many convenience applications are applied on his deck. Closed windshield with wipers, sunbathing spaces, removable headrest, coffee machine and many more options to explore will give the most comfortable times at sea.

To serve our flexibility in design U-Shaped couch alternative for the stern was design for Y36. This layout alternative creates a perfect socialization area for those who seek to combine the ultimate comfort of a cabin boat and the perks of a day boat for a large group of people.

About the cruising and performance fof boat with all this options a mere example of its abilities stands the legendary Ribbing for Arctic trip. Started from Belgium with destination Alaska passing through Greenland and the Atlantic Ocean this boat, hosting 4 people as a crew, completed this trip with safety and success. High stability on cruising, exceptional behavior in harsh weather condition and secure and comfortable passenger sitting makes Y36 the best cabin boat for recreation in its category.

SFR 42

15 years of boat design and construction experience brought the SFR 42 to life. Combining all our knowledge and customer feedback over the years, we managed to deliver everything a boat of this size can give.

In the center of the boat we find a cockpit that will fit all the necessary devices and gadgets with three comfortable bucket seats for the driver and his passengers and the closed windshield for full protection. The rest of the deck features spacious recreational areas and sunbathing space on the bow & stern, a center console with plenty of space for a closed cabin configuration, large passageways around the deck and plenty of storage, all possible in the SFR 42.

A strong emphasis was given on the looks of the vessel. Every angle of the SFR 42 is teeming with simple yet elegant lines making the overall appearance of the boat modern and fresh.

SFR 48