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We know and we have proven that Shadow 36 is more than enough. But journeys can be longer, the space could be bigger, moving around the deck can be even easier and cruising can be more fulfilling. These are the needs we tried to address with Shadow 39.

Based on the operating principles of the 36, but wider and longer, the Shadow 39 has significant advantages on deck and hull. With the option of adding two more bucket seats amidships and an option for socializing spaces in the bow and stern, Shadow 39 can accommodate any group of people in great comfort. At the same time step hull technology will give you excellent numbers in fuel consumption and speed and the confidence of a boat cruising over the waves.

With all this, Shadow 39, fills worthingly the market gap in 12 meters for Seafighter. Nevertheless, If you’re thinking of building a high-speed, performance-oriented Shadow 39, this is where the fun begins…


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